About Inspection Reports

There are three main types of home inspection report formats used today: Checklist reports, Video reports and reports using Modern reporting software.


A Checklist report is an old, outdated reporting format that doesn’t include pictures and doesn’t provide the potential home buyer with any detailed information in regard to the condition of the home. It comes in a binder with stock pages of checklists.


A Video report can be good as long as it is edited, and each condition is labelled as to where to find it in the video. However, this is not usually done. The disadvantage to a video report is that the video can be shaky, hard on the eyes to watch and can contain hours of footage to go through to find what you are looking for. This all depends on if you know what to look for, and the video is compatible with your computer and playback software.

Modern Reporting Software


Modern home inspection reporting software provides the best way to accurately report on the condition of the house. After the inspection, the inspector will usually go back to their office and write up the report on the computer. This has several advantages. The inspector can take an appropriate amount of time to really think about the inspection; examine pictures; review notes; research things such as the age of the furnace or air conditioner; then write up the report. This software has the capability to add pictures; illustrations; links to relevant websites; and a format to provide a detailed description of a condition; the location in the house where the condition is found; the implications of the condition; what to do about it and how soon it needs to be addressed.


The report is typically in two sections. A summary page of any large conditions found, if any, that could influence whether to purchase the property or not, and the main bulk of the report containing all of the conditions found during the inspection. The report is usually delivered by email, the same day as the inspection. Since the report is divided into sections, it is easy and convenient to look up anything that you wish to review in the future. 


Conclusion: Using modern report writing software, such as Horizon, is the best way to provide a detailed, accurate easy to understand report.

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