About Home Inspections

What is a home inspection ?


A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the readily accessible systems and components of a residential property defined by the Standards of Practice of an association and is based on the observations made by the home inspector at the time of the inspection, which is not a prediction of future conditions.


The main purpose of a home inspection is to identify the larger conditions in the house which might influence the purchaser’s decision as to whether to purchase the house or not.

​An average home inspection takes approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours to complete. However, it could take a little less or more time depending on the size, age and condition of the house.

Overall, a home inspection provides excellent value, is a great way to learn about the house and is an important part of a real estate transaction.


Peter’s Professional Home Inspections follows the OAHI/CAHPI Standards of Practice.

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What gets inspected ?



  • Foundation

  • Floor structure

  • Wall structure

  • Ceiling structure

  • Roof structure

  • etc.



  • Roof covering (shingles etc.)

  • Drainage

  • Flashings and trim

  • Roof penetrations

  • Skylights

  • etc.




  • Grading (ground slope)

  • Cladding (brick, siding, stucco etc.)

  • Exterior doors

  • Decks, balconies, porches, steps, railings

  • Walkways, driveways, and patios

  • Garages and carports

  • etc.



  • Furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, baseboards, etc.

  • Fireplaces

  • Fuel storage and distribution

  • Ducts, registers, grills

  • Venting, flues (if accessible), chimneys

  • etc.


  • Air conditioners

  • Refrigerant lines

  • Condensate system

  • Ducts registers, grills

  • etc.



  • Panels, fuses or breakers

  • Wiring (where accessible)

  • System grounding

  • Representative number of lighting

  • Fixtures, switches and plug outlets

  • GFCI and AFCI

  • Presence of smoke detectors and CO alarms

  • etc.



  • Water supply and distribution (where accessible)

  • Fixtures and faucets

  • Drain, waste and venting (where accessible)

  • Water heater

  • Sump pumps

  • etc.


Insulation and ventilation

  • Insulation (where accessible)

  • Air/vapour barriers (where accessible)

  • Attic and crawlspace ventilation

  • Mechanical ventilation: kitchen, bathroom, laundry

  • etc.



  • Walls, ceilings, and floors

  • Steps, stairways, and railings

  • Representative number of doors and windows

  • Cabinets and countertops

  • etc.

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